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Welcome to eHealth Depot

The good news is that youíve landed on a health insurance website that isnít owned by a health insurance company. eHealth Depot offers choices in health insurance Orange County and California residents might not be able to find elsewhere. Thatís because we donít try to steer you to one specific carrier. Instead, we provide you information on all of them so that you can make an informed decision about what is best for you. With the multitude of choices available right now, you donít want to rush into anything, and you certainly donít need an insurance salesperson pushing you to make a quick choice. We are trusted advisors that can help narrow the selection down, so that you can make an informed decision.

The debate over affordable healthcare has been raging for decades. In recent years, weíve seen the federal government take a part in that debate, even offer a potential solution, but is it the right solution for you? Private insurance is still your best bet, but there are so many policies out there to choose from, more than just a simple selection of individual or family health insurance. How do you decide between the PPO insurance Orange County doctor groups offer and the HMO insurance Orange County insurance carriers claim is the best option? Here at eHealth Depot, we can help you.

One of your first concerns when buying health insurance will be price. Shopping through one providerís options is not going to give you the best price available for individual or family health insurance options. Other carriers may offer a more affordable alternative, and if youíre a small business owner looking for group insurance rates, knowing what those other carriers offer could mean the difference between meeting mandatory health insurance guidelines for your permanent employees or going to part-time and temp workers. Choice becomes more important when peopleís livelihoods are at stake. You can find small business health insurance information here at eHealth Depot.

The health insurance California individuals most often look for is a simple policy that can cover their basic needs should they need a doctorís care or hospitalization. There are also a number of older residents now seeking Medicare supplement, or Medigap insurance. The financial needs of an individual with health care problems increase as they get older, but what Medicare covers doesnít seem to change. There are fees for prescription drugs and certain treatments that could require the existence of additional insurance. You can find Medigap carriers and quotes here at eHealth Depot also.

In addition to health insurance, eHealth Depot can also provide you information on carriers and quotes for the life insurance Orange County residents need to take care of their families and loved ones should anything happen to them. Though not as widely discussed as health insurance, life insurance is still a complex subject that you will want to have informed facts and figures about before making any decisions. We have that information here at eHealth Depot, and we can direct you to a carrier and get you a quote once youíve had an opportunity to review it.

Affordable Individual Health Insurance

The question at hand has never been whether or not you need health insurance. You do. If youíve been toying with the idea of going without because you ďnever get sickĒ, you can be certain that the moment you donít have it, you will end up needing it. Thatís generally how these things work. With that in mind, the next question becomes moot. Can you afford health insurance? You have to find a way. The recent national health insurance bill might help you with that, but youíre still better off finding private insurance if you can. Thatís where eHealth Depot can assist you.

What makes us different is that eHealth Depot is not owned by an insurance carrier, so weíre not biased towards any particular policy. When you come to our site looking for individual health insurance, you will find enough information to make an informed decision and be able to view price quotes from all carriers, ensuring that you get the best price available. Any health insurance Orange County residents are eligible for is listed here, along with information about their policies, prices, and any additional options that might be available for special circumstances.

Concerns when shopping for individual health insurance should include deductibles, prescription coverage, co-payments, maximum out-of-pocket expenses, and of course, the premium. Which policy to buy might be an easy decision to make if it was only about your monthly payment or if you only had two or three policies to choose from, but it gets much more complicated than that. Here at eHealth Depot, we try to make those choices easier for you by giving you as much information as possible. There are new options in health insurance California residents have never seen before. Part of our company mission is to answer your questions about those too.

How do you decide between the PPO insurance Orange County doctor groups offer and the HMO insurance Orange County insurance carriers claim is the best option? HMO policies are more limited, giving you options only inside a specific doctor group. PPO policies offer a better range of choices, but seem to be more expensive. Looking only at those two arguments, youíd think the choice was simple, right? Itís not, and there is much more to it. Do you have any pre-existing health conditions? Is your doctor part of the PPO or HMO network you want to join? Are there additional fees?

You can find the answers to these questions and more here at eHealth Depot. When it comes to finding affordable individual health insurance thereís no place better to do your shopping. Read the information we have provided on policy options and carriers, use our online quote feature to compare prices, and get the individual health insurance policy that is right for you. You need it and you can afford it if you find the right option. Thatís what we are here to help you do.

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